Reprography Department of Printing faculty of “KPI” was established in 1990 at the basis of Department of Physics, Chemistry and Higher Mathematics of KPI, to which joined “the Kyiv evening faculty” of Ukrainian Polygraphy Institute.

But retrospective history of the department reaches fiftieth year of the twentieth century. From 1953 to 1989, as part of the department (which repeatedly changed its name during this period: it was originally “The Department of Physics and Mathematics”, then it became “General subjects” and finally — “Reprography department”) many talented teachers of mathematics, physics, chemistry was employed, including associate professors Z.O. Sylich, I.I. Zorich, S.P. Kruglov, G.G. Lebed, B.P. Orel, O.Y. Kostiuchenko, V.O. Kalibabchuk, L.G. Chilko, V.P. Shevchenko.

Reprography department was created at the initiative of leading companies of Kyiv’s publishing and printing industry, Institute of recording and storage of National Academy of Sciences, Institute of periphery computer equipment, based on which later was established the production branch of the department, Special Printing Techniques Research Institute and others.

The purpose of the department was preparing engineers who have developed, serviced and provided technology training and production of printed, electronic and multimedia publications by computerized publishing printing systems in enterprises, establishments and institutions publishing and printing industry of Ukraine in Kiev, other enterprises of the economy of Ukraine. The final decision on the feasibility of establishing the department estimated, made repeated expansion in the meetings of the Faculty printing “KPI” and meeting educational and methodical association of printing, which took place in spring 1990. The meeting was attended by delegations MDUD and UPI them. Fedorov, director of industry leading printing companies and other interested companies Kyiv, Ukrainian SSR Derzhkomvydavu representatives led by committee chairman JP Dyachenko, his assistant – head of the department of science and technology IV Cowboys, other employees of the State Committee.

The core of professors – faculty of the department in its early years were teachers of the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics Higher KVF UPI them. Fedorov, who moved to the state and the CPI in 1989-1991 provided reading professionally oriented courses for printing department for all existing (then six) fields. Among them – the first dean of the printing department in the CPI, the first Head of of reprography, Doctor of Chemistry, Professor, Department of Physics, now – Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine Anatoliy Dorosh Kuzmich – the main initiator of the Department and the choice of its name.

In the development department, preparing its graduates, development of national standards of education and training documentation great merit belongs assistant professors of engineering sciences Leonid D. Shabasu, Viktor Ivanovich Khomyakov, the first branch of the department employees in the industry Institute of computer peripheral equipment, which is then passed to the main body of the Department; Candidate of Physical Sciences matymatychnyh Alexander Pavlovich Kokhanivsky; Candidate of Technical Sciences Vladimir Trofymovych MARTYNIUK; Candidate of Sciences Vladimir Arkadievich Shovskomu (1993); candidate of technical sciences Anatoly Petrovich Zhukovtsyu (1996); candidate of technical sciences Myhalivni Elena Velichko (1993); candidate of technical sciences Vladimir Mikhailovich Solovyov (1996-2001 of the year); Ph.D., Associate Professor Valery Fedorovich Morflyuku; Senior Lecturer Viktor Andreyevich Sydorovskomu; Olga Alexandrovna Hutsol (Stepaniuc); Valentina Ivanovna Humen; Vladimir Churkin; numerical team teaching and support staff, including: lane. Software Engineer Lucy Avhustovni Karibyan (1990); Head of Laboratory Anatolia Istomiliyovychu Dyachuku; trans. Engineer Alla Ivanovna Kutsil (since 1998); scientific
employee Claudia Demidivni Stecenko; Engineers and cat. Valentine Opanasivna Titarenko and many others.

In the creation of technical documentation, library collection department, developing curriculum specialty substantial assistance provided primarily MDUD personally – Rector Professor A. Tsyganenko, Vice Rector Professor A. Fungal and many other professors and associate professors, librarians, staff administration MDUD. Formation direction and training programs contributed profile of the department Department of Radiophysics KPI: Professor YF Zinkovskyi; Department of Electronic Instrument Electronics Faculty: prof Kalnibolotskyy; Dean Professor OA FIVT Pavlov, head of scientific-methodical commission direction “Computer Science” MBO Ukraine, which originally belonged methodically 7.0818.07 specialty “Automated processing of text and graphics”, which later became established in the Department of OPF and new educational-methodical direction approved Mona and the number of CMU Ukraine 0927 “Publishing and Printing”.