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Publishing and Printing 186

Technology of electronic multimedia publications

Form of studies Day

The student masters the technology of electronic publications; technology of multimedia products; design and packing books and their 3D-modeling; DTP software editions; Software and hardware multimedia publications; audio and video with modern hardware and software systems and software Autodesk 3ds Max, Adobe InDesign, Adobe After Effect, Adobe Premiere Pro, AdobePhotoshop, HTML, CSS.
Career Opportunities: Graduates can work in publishing, media centers, enterprises, advertising agencies, firms, performing the duties of designers, managers, engineers, electronic engineers, researchers, media and complex media, their structural elements with modern computer publishing.


Digital Technology of reproduction

Form of studies Day, part-time

Students learn the technology of text and graphic information; media recovery technology rarities; technology publishing and printing industry; aided design publications and packing; object-oriented programming to the web-server; design publishing and printing production using the software Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, Esko ArtiosCad, Heidelberg Package Designer, HeidelbergSigna Station, KodakPreps, AutoCad, T-Flex, MathCad, MathLab.
Career Opportunities: Graduates can work in enterprises, publishing houses, reprotsentr, control and laboratory testing process materials, performing the duties of designers, technologists, engineers from pre-press, printing, post-press and finishing pre-production using automated computerized publishing and printing complexes.


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