Scientific school

Research and teaching staff and graduate students of the Department of Reprography together with colleagues from the Department of Printing Technology work within the scientific school “Technological support of publishing and printing production, equipment, processes and reproduction systems”, which was founded in 1978 by Ph.D. prof. Anatoliy Gavrish. Nowadays the scientific school headed by doctor of technical sciences, prof. Petro Kyrychok, is a member of the International Scientific and Methodological Consortium “PrintPromotion”, the International Circle of Higher Educational Institutions for the Training of Publishing and Printing Specialists (International Circle of Educational Institutes for Graphic Arts).

The branch of science in which the scientific school operates are machines and processes of printing production, mechanical engineering. The main directions of scientific research of the school: technological support of publishing and printing production, equipment, processes and systems of reproduction; machining of high-alloy metals; automation and robotization of production; automation of mechanical engineering; increase of durability and wear resistance of surfaces of details of cars and mechanisms; automation of technological preparation of production; printing engineering; electronic publications.

Within the scientific school there is a scientific group “Theoretical foundations and engineering of publishing and printing production” under the leadership of the head. Department of Reprography, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Prof. Olena Velychko with the participation of NPP of the department: Ph.D., prof. Evgeniy Stefan; Ph.D., Assoc. Rozaliya Khokhlova; Ph.D., Assoc. Vasyl Skyba VM; Ph.D., Assoc. Yaroslaw Zorenko; Ph.D., Assoc. Kateryna Zolotukhina and graduate student Tetyana Gorova.