Іnternational cooperation

The Department of Reprography fruitfully cooperates with foreign universities and institutes at the general university level, performing tasks to ensure internships, internships and training in the exchange of students of specialties assigned to the department.

Students of the Department of Reprography undergo internships abroad in higher education institutions in Germany – the Stuttgart Media Institute and the Leipzig Institute of Media Technology, and in Norway – the Technical University of Gjovik.

Graduates continue their PhD program at the Technical University of Grenoble (France), with a master’s degree in media technology at Lodz Polytechnic.

The Department of Reprography carried out international projects, namely a joint Polish-Ukrainian project – № M / 215-2009 “Influence of synthesis and finishing technology on optimizing the properties of composite antifriction materials based on Nickel and copper”, deadline – 2009-2010, in which the influence of technological parameters of synthesis and finishing machining of composite antifriction materials based on copper and Nickel, which contain solid oils (graphite and calcium fluoride), on the optimization of their functional properties.