Graduates attestation of reprography – a combination of theory and practice!


For the second year in a row heading Examination Commission for the Protection of diploma projects bachelors and specialists and master’s theses. Very interesting themes and techniques of presenting the results of Engineering.

Photos Bachelor memory protection after June 16, 2016

Photos Bachelor memory protection after June 16, 2016

Photo for memory protection after undergraduates RP-41m 22 June 2016

Photo for memory protection after undergraduates RP-41m 22 June 2016

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Rest in peace




Catalpa excellent – memorable greeting!


Mid-June – early summer heat, even heat, but catalpa beautiful – lovely tree in front of our Publishing and Printing Institute (8 housing NTU “KPI” on the street. Academician Yangel, 1/37) – it’s time to bloom. Surprisingly large and fragrant flowers this year on top of a tree on the ends of branches among a look prekrasamy leaves!

Катальпа прекрасна — пам’ятне привітання!

Catalpa lovely – a real gem frontal area housing

Catalpa beautiful – present student groups SRP-71s, SMV-71s, 71s, MS, MS-71m, 71m-PSA, SVM-71m in 2013 in memory and a good memory of the years of training, successes and achievements. This tradition started students release CRP-51M, PSA-51s, SMV-51s, MS-51s – in 2011 planted shrub magnolia, next year 2012 graduates CRP-61m, PSA-61C, MWSS-61C, MS-61C vkorinyly sakura pink, 2014 – group PSA-81m, PSA-81s, SMV-81s, SMV-81m, MS-81m, MS-81s planted magnolia blue topaz and graduates of 2015 – RP-31m, RP-31 C, CF-31m, CF-31 C, 31m TM, TM-31 C – blidorozhevu sakura. Let grow and please the eye, and we we wish our graduates health, inspiration and success in life.

Ser. reprography department Elena Velichko


Practical work for students of reprography of “new printing”


As part of the practical work on discipline “Technology fotoreyestratsiynyh processes” 26 May 2016 reprography department organized a two-hour training and educational meeting of leading experts powerful modern printing company of “New Print” from the third-year student of the department reprography VPI in the production in Kiev.

Студенти груп СРП-31 та СМВ-31 на ТОВ «Новий друк»

Students groups SRP-31 and SMV-31 in LLC “New Print”

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The The Internship Programme of German Business for Ukraine 2017


Students of all specialties of reprography department Publishing and Printing Institute have the opportunity to participate in the training of German business in Ukraine and in practice to meet with companies in Germany for three or five months. Send application form can be on 6 June 2016.стажування для студентів кафедри репрографії

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3rd Ukrainian Olympiad on discipline “Design of explosive remnants of war” – the successful completion!


May 18, 2016 in Publishing and Editing Institute took place already the third Ukrainian contest on the subject “Design Publishing and printing industry.”

Ттретя Всеукраїнська олімпіада проектування ВПВ КПІ ВПІ кафедра репрографії

Contest organized by the Department of reprography VPI is the original, because the professional discipline and it involves students acquiring professional knowledge and skills related to the implementation of future professional production problems with the design and proper packing and publications processes for their production.

So participate in the National Olympiad is considered an important step impartial independent
objective assessment of the expertise and experience acquired by the students during their studies.

In this year’s competition involved students VPI, Ukrainian Academy of Printing, Kharkiv
National University of Radio Electronics, Kharkiv Economic University. Semen Kuznets, National Aviation University.

Students with enthusiasm and tenacity set to work fruitfully worked within the allotted
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Admission Campaign 2016


May 5, 2016 meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, chaired by the Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman, which was attended by Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Lilia Grinevich.

During the meeting, Lily Grinevich told about the peculiarities of the opening campaign in 2016.

It is noted that the admission of all applicants in 2016 will apply over the Internet, thus avoiding queues at the selection committee. Entrants are eligible to submit up to 15 applications for membership without limiting the number of educational institutions. So prospective students will be able to focus more on certain qualifications for admission.

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International Conference “Drukarstvo molode” – 16th


The traditions of our Publishing and Printing Institute persist, multiply and develop. For 16 International Scientific Conference of students and graduate “young Typography” opened a new interesting scientific, analytical, experimental studies performed not only directly by our students and graduate students, but also creative youth from universities in Ukraine and CIS.

Учасники засідання секції «Комп’ютеризовані технології і системи видавничо- поліграфічних виробництв» 28 квітня 2016 року

The participants section “Computer technologies and systems Publishing and printing industries” April 28, 2016

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Delicate spring colors


В парке нашего университета много различных оригинальных деревьев. Здесь и старые дубы, и

The park our university a wide variety of original trees. Here, old oaks and larch and pine and rare species, which in Kiev, Ukraine and even a little.

Trees at 8 at the case – Publishing and Printing Institute – among other distinguished dedication. They put graduates of reprography after graduation and diploma of higher education.

Started a tradition of alumni groups SRP-51, MWSS-51, MS-51, magnolia bush planted later masters and specialist groups SRP-61, MWSS-61, 61 SPM- planted sakura, PSA-71s-m SMV-71s th , MS-71s-m – catalpa beautiful, issue CRP-81s-m SMV-81s m, MS-81s-m – magnolia-tree and RP-31 C th, MO 31 C-m, TM-31s- m – sakura.

The first cherry blossom. And now both began to blossom trees. The first has a large and lush flowering pleasing three years.

Сакура ВПІ КПІ

The first graduates from Sakura groups SRP-61, SMW-61, SPM-61

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Open Days of Publishing and Printing Institute



Key dates of Publishing and Printing Institute Open days