Scoring third year student’s works of department of reprography of “Technology of multimedia products” course

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Scoring third year student work of department of reprography Tatiana Khodakivska course “Technology of multimedia products”

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Animated video of creative competition

Animation made for the diploma project by Mishneva Natalia,  student of reprography department.

VPI students at Ltd. “New Printing”

In the production area of ​​powerful modern printing company Ltd. “New Printing” in Kiev April 30, 2015 was held scientific and educational meeting of leading experts from the manufacturing third-year student of the Department reprography Publishing and Printing Institute NTU “KPI”.

Students groups EWS-21 and SMV-21 reviewed in detail with specific training original models for print media in terms of Ltd. “New Printing” technological peculiarities of manufacturing of offset printing plates by thermal technology on the forming station, equipped with modern CTP devices.

Preparation of original models

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Practical work for students of reprography of “new printing”

As part of the practical work on discipline “Technology fotoreyestratsiynyh processes” 26 May 2016 reprography department organized a two-hour training and educational meeting of leading experts powerful modern printing company of “New Print” from the third-year student of the department reprography VPI in the production in Kiev.

Студенти груп СРП-31 та СМВ-31 на ТОВ «Новий друк»

Students groups SRP-31 and SMV-31 in LLC “New Print”

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The commercial of publishers “Politehnica” was made for the diploma project by BARABANOVA K.A,, a student of the reprography Department.

Head degree project Ph.D., Associate Professor K.O. Kobylnik



The student’s book was made by Nikita Petrov, group SMV-11





This 3D and vector were made by Oleksand Rozenberg






Breadboard models of packaging and templates for gift sets from Voloshyna Valerie (Zrpi-01)