Preparation courses

The courses are designed for in-depth training for university student and young workers within the framework of NTU “KPI” “The future of Ukraine”

Participated in the courses can be 11-12 grade students of secondary schools, as well as those who already have completed secondary education.

The aim of course is to bring the knowledge of our students for the requirements of university programs. Training courses for pre-university training provides not only a high level of knowledge, but also the opportunity to join the work in circles of technical creativity, participate in creative contests, competitions, become a member of the Small Academy of Sciences, to learn the history Publishing and Printing Institute NTU “KPI”, its traditions and achievements, as well as key areas of its departments, laboratories and research units.

The objective of the courses is to implement early professional orientation of students to identify the skills and talents of each and to develop informed recommendations to their choice of future profession; to attract the most gifted students to research work in the leading departments and laboratories Publishing and Printing Institute NTU “KPI”.


  • math
  • physics
  • Ukrainian Language and Literature (depth level)
  • History of Ukraine
  • foreign language (English)

With accession to the natural mathematical and engineering areas to which persons of professionally oriented young people a year joining completed courses (departments, faculties Preparatory) of the university, for admission on the basis of complete secondary education this higher the institution added 10 points to the results of final testing.

The documents attached to the application for accession to the courses:

1. Photocopy of birth certificate or the first and second pages of the passport;

2. 2 photos 3×4 cm .;

3. 2 files for documents.

Apprenticeship – 7 months

Start applications – from 1 September

Our address: 03056, m. Kyiv, str. Yangel, 1/37,

(teach. building NTU “KPI» № 8), room 36.

Tel .: 097-952-18-59

Organizational and methodical work courses provide:

Vitsyuk Julia – Head courses.

Olga Kuzina – Methodist.