Five questions to the reprography department head


1. How does the reprography department develop? Are there significant progress in recent years?

Velichko A. M .: Department reprography is a unit of Publishing and Printing Institute National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” (VPI “KPI”), so its development is determined by the tasks that relate to educational institutions and universities of Ukraine. The department actively pursuing higher education reform towards improving its contents, increasing integration with the industry, increased knowledge of foreign languages, exchange and integration of educational programs bachelors and masters in Russian, Belarusian, German, Polish and other European and world universities, extension research component of education. That’s three components – education, research and innovation – put in the concept of our university, which recognized research and is a center of modern research in leading industries of the state. So reprography department is developing in this direction its activities, introducing research and development in education and entering the curriculum new courses, lecture and laboratory courses and practical work, attracting talented students to perform scientific research, is searching for ways to implement development industry.

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The list of disciplines and specialties


6.051501 Printing and Publishing


7.05150102 Electronic Multimedia Publishing Technologies

7.05150103 Computer Printing and Publishing Technologies and Systems

7.05150104 Printing and Publishing Production Materials


8.05150103 Computer Printing and Publishing Technologies and Systems

8.05150102 Electronic Multimedia Publishing Technologies

8.05150104 Printing and Publishing Production Materials