Department of of reprography organized in 1990

Address: 03056, m. Kyiv, vul. Yangel, 1/37 (academic building of “KPI” №8);

tel .: 241-96-22.

Head: Dr. Sc. Science professor. Velichko Elena.

Trains specialists in:

  • 6.051500 Bachelor of publishing and printing;
  • 7.092704 (8.092704) “Computer technologies and systems of publishing and printing industries”;
  • 7.092702 “Technology of electronic, multimedia publications”;
  • 7.092705 “Materials Publishing and Printing” directly “Publishing and Printing”.

The main directions of scientific and technological activities: design, research and operation of computerized processes, automated systems for processing text and illustration information design reprotsentr, shops and stations Publishing and Printing, their computer networks and software; in materials research for application of automated publishing and printing production processes; development of computer technology of printed, electronic, multimedia publications, artificial intelligence systems.

Qualification of graduates:

  • Bachelor directly (051 500) “Publishing and Printing” (basic higher education);
  • process engineer (University degree) with computerized publishing and printing industries;
  • process engineer with electronic, multimedia publications;
  • Engineer materialoznavets Publishing and Printing;
  • Master of publishing and printing.

Profile subjects: “Technology Publishing and Printing”; “Circuit”; “Physical and chemical fundamentals of printing production”; “General and printing materials”; “Technology of information”; “Technology electronic publications”; “Technologies of multimedia products”; “Design and packing media”; “Computerized publishing systems engineering”; “Designing publishing and printing.”

Activities professionals: operation of computerized manufacturing processes of printed products; processing and reproduction of text and illustration using computerized information systems based on computers and operational Multiplier reprographic systems operating in the printing business and other sectors of the economy; design processes and manufacturing printed matter, electronic and multimedia publications based on automated data processing systems; operation of peripheral equipment of computers, operational Multiplier reprographic systems; design and organization of production printing systems based on automated processing of text and illustration information (ASPTII) Multiplier operational systems; software development ASPTII materials printing production.

The main industries of the future specialist: Printing production (printing, data centers, areas of CAD and rapid printing enterprises, institutions, industrial and research facilities, design bureaus and institutes of various sectors of the economy); publishing; information technology (manufacturing computer peripheral equipment, automated editing and publishing reprographic equipment and computer-based, modern processing systems and multyplikuvannya visual information); Cardboard and paper and packaging industry; paint production. engineer, engineer materialoznavtsya, design engineers, master, engineer departments, sections production of printed materials, electronic publications, multimedia products and computer peripheral equipment operation reprosystem; engineer operating the computer peripheral equipment and its components, reprographic equipment, electronic processing systems and reproduction of text and illustration information for printing, computer output devices.

The department has: Scientific and Engineering Center “POINT”; Laboratory of Computer Science; Laboratory of physical and chemical bases of printing production; Technical Center as part of printing production laboratories printing materials; Artificial Intelligence.


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